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Archive for May 18th, 2012

This brand new program was just sent to me, so I thought you would like to get some idea about the types of new programs that are coming out all the time.

I do like the concept of this program which gives you advance cash loans when you purchase one or more $49 units.

The system does the work and you make the withdrawals when you need cash.

Free Payday Advance Network

It’s free to join and evaluate before spending money. It’s minutes old.

Just click on the link or this Banner to get to the site.

Click Here For Fast Cash!!

From what I see so far, you are not required to refer or sponsor anyone to make money. You do have to put out at least $49 to try it and see what results you get.

While that $49 will definitely make money with ZR, if you are inclined to diversify your program portfolio, then this might suit you.

This businessman, Paynter, in Kentucky bought all the inventory from a K-Mart store that was closing its doors and donated it all to charity to be given away to the needy.

He had once struggled early in his life and wanted to help people stranded in this economy. It was a generous and purposeful donation to those who don’t have enough money to pay retail prices.

Kentucky Man Buys Store Inventory and Gives It Away

This doesn’t happen every day.

The next best thing is to get brand name merchandise, gift cards, and cash when you win the Zeekler Penny Auctions. So many winning bids walk away having paid only PENNIES on the dollar for new items. The savings can be substantial.

When every penny counts to a person, they need to know about these Zeekler Auctions and the business opportunity that accompanies ZeekRewards, the parent company. The rest is up to that person to learn how to win an auction. It’s all explained on the websites and live Chat is available to you and those you refer.

Zeekler Auctions


Let us give you some sample Bids when you join our ZR Teamas a free member. You will get a chance to choose a subscription that is paid monthly should you decide to pursue the business opportunity as we have…or you can remain a Zeekler member and use the auction site to get great deals.